Our key corporate governance activities are concerned with member ballots, annual elections for Trustee Board and Council, General Meetings of the Institution, corporate projects and reviews.

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Our Governance

The Institution of Mechanical Engineers is governed by a Board of Trustees who are supported by key governance, advisory and operational boards. The Trustee Board carries out its duties in accordance with the Royal Charter, By-laws and Charity Commission guidelines.

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Governance Boards and Committees

  • Trustee Board

    Trustee Board

    Our Corporate Members and Associate Members elect our Trustees, who sit on the Trustee Board. Elections are held every year.

  • Audit and Risk Committee

    Audit and Risk Committee

    The Audit & Risk Committee provides an objective and independent review of the design and operation of risk management, control and governance processes operated across the Institution.

  • Finance Board and PEP LTD

    Finance Board and PEP LTD

    Oversees the strategy and delivery of the Institution’s trading companies with direct accountability to the Finance Board and ultimately to the Trustee Board.

  • Nominations Committee

    Nominations Committee

    Responsible for processes and procedures for the recruitment, assessment and nomination of candidates to IMechE's boards and committees.

  • Nominations Committee

    Regional Strategy Board

    The Regional Strategy Board (RSB) represents the active UK & Ireland Regional network, reporting directly to Trustee Board.

  • Strategy Committee

    Strategy Committee

    Leading the strategic planning in support of the Institution’s primary objectives and purposes.

  • Young Members Board

    Young Members Board

    Our Young Members Board (YMB) representatives are responsible for bringing the views of our Young Members from their specific area to the forefront of discussion.

  • Trustee Board Awards Committee

    Trustee Board Awards Committee

    Recommends policy on the Institution’s Major Prizes and Awards, as well as all general Prizes, Awards, Scholarships, Fellowships and Grants, which stem from the Institution’s Trust Funds.


  • Our History


    Guides and advises the Trustee Board on strategy, membership and other key issues.

  • Diversity and Inclusion Committee

    Diversity and Inclusion Committee

    Provides guidance to Trustees on equality and diversity matters.

  • Operational Boards

    Operational Boards

    Member led Operating Boards are responsible for delivering the core purposes of the Institution.

  • Other Boards and Committees

    Other Boards and Committees

    Our other boards and committees lead our strategy and activities as well as advising and reporting to the Trustee Board.

Governance documents and resources

  • Annual Report 2022

    Trustee Board's Report and Annual Accounts

    Discover why we are one of the fastest growing professional engineering institutions in 2022.

    Download a copy:

    Read our Annual Reviews
  • Meeting minutes

    • Annual Meeting.
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    Board notices

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  • Complaints

    Complaints about Institution members not adhering to the Code of Conduct Regulations must be submitted on the Complaint Form and sent by post or electronically to:


      Clerk to the Assessors

      Institution of Mechanical Engineers

      1 Birdcage Walk


      SW1H 9JJ

      Written letter/email complaints will not be accepted. Completion of the Complaint Form is required.

      The Complaint Form and information on the Disciplinary process is available here.

      Complaints not related to the Code of Conduct Regulations

      All other complaints should be submitted in accordance with the Serious Concerns and Complaints policy. The policy can be accessed here.

    Benefit Pension Scheme

    Read our 2022 Statement of Investment Principles for our closed defined benefit pension scheme.

    Implementation Statement

    IMechE staff pension and life assurance scheme. Read how voting and engagement policies have been followed.

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