Annual Meeting: 26 May 2021

Although the Annual Report is now available it is clear that due to the extensive auditing undertaken this year it was published to the membership nine days later than required according to our By-Laws (By-Law 73.3). The Trustees have therefore sought advice and decided to hold the ballot open for the adoption of the Report and Accounts until noon on Saturday 5 June. This will include a presentation and consideration of the Report at the Annual Meeting on 26 May, but additionally the opportunity to ask further questions (via email to and importantly for members to be able to vote during the full 21 day period following the Report’s release. The results of the ballot will be made public via the website on Wednesday 9 June.

Annual Meeting Notice

Draft Minutes of the Annual Meeting, 22 September 2020

Annual Report 2020

Trustee Board and Council election results 2021

Annual Accounts Ballot

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