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Voting is now closed


Online voters

  • Corporate and Associate Members who are voting online must vote using the link contained within the emails they have received from Civica Election Services (CES). This link will take you to the IMechE voting website where you may read the candidates’ manifestos, view the videos and then vote. Using this link will mean that your security codes (which are unique to you and must not be shared) will be automatically prepopulated on the voting website. 

  • If you have received an email from Civica Election Services (CES) you will not receive physical voting papers and will need to vote online as set out above.

  • You are able to view manifestos and watch videos on our website through this link ( However, please be aware that you will only be able to cast your vote using the link you have received by email from Civica Election Services (CES).
    Postal voters

    Members who have received voting papers by post will be able to cast their vote in the following ways:

    • Returning the completed papers by post.

    • By visiting the voting website ( where you may read the candidates’ manifestos, view the videos and then vote. To vote on this page you will need to enter your security codes manually. You will have received these codes with your voting papers. 


    The elections close on Tuesday 23 May 2023 at 1200 hrs BST.

    The Trustee Board has appointed Civica Election Services as Independent Scrutineer. In the event of any queries concerning the Election to Trustee Board and Council or the Electoral System, please contact

    Having a diverse Trustee Board and Council with a wide range of expertise and perspectives is important to help IMechE address the challenges and opportunities ahead and navigate the changing context in which we operate.

    The Trustee Board is responsible for the governance and leadership of the Institution.

    The Council advises the Trustee Board on the direction and strategy of the Institution and any other matter referred to it by the Board; and has a responsibility to communicate to the Board the representative views of the membership.

    Find out more about our Trustee Board and Council.

2023 Corporate Election Candidates

Deputy President (1 vacancy)

  • Matt Garside
  • Raymond Hodgkinson
  • Richard Judge
  • Vijay Raman

Vice President (2 vacancies)

  • Simon Evans
  • David Nowell
  • Martin Robinson

Ordinary Member (1 vacancy)

  • Richard East
  • Raymond Hodgkinson
  • Hadi Moztarzadeh
  • Richard Preece
  • Ruth Shilston

Ordinary Member International (1 vacancy)

  • Graeme Britton
  • Chris Chong
  • Raymond Hodgkinson
  • Darren Sharpe

Ordinary Member Under 30 (1 vacancy)

  • Lloyd Phillips
  • Joshua Thomson-Smith

Fellows (4 vacancies)

  • John Butler
  • Chris Eady
  • Paul Johnson
  • Richard Lockett
  • Frazer Mackay
  • Fraser Maitland
  • Lee Parkes

Members (5 vacancies)

  • Gianpaolo Benedetti
  • John Bruce Buchan
  • Adam Burgess
  • Amr Elbanhawy
  • Robert Rayner
  • Projjal Gupta

Following the Ordinary meeting held on the 6 March, the Institution received two further applications in that week from:

- Amr Elbanhawy for Member Council
- Projjal Gupta for Member Council

These were accepted as such flexibility is custom and practice.

2023 Ordinary Meeting

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