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Trustee Board and Council Election Results 2024

Dr Alice Bunn OBE, Chief Executive

One Birdcage Walk
One Birdcage Walk

The results of the Institution's 2024 Trustee Board and Council elections.

Trustee Board

The total number of votes cast was 6,221 being 9.6% of the eligible Corporate and Associate Members

The names of the successful candidates are:

President: Clive HICKMAN (having been elected Deputy President in 2022)
Deputy President: Richard JUDGE
International Vice President: Chris CHONG

Ordinary Member of the Trustee Board
Ordinary Member of the Trustee Board: Darren Jonathan SHARPE


The names of the candidates elected to Council are:


Hassan Ghayasuddin ANSARI
Szeto Ka SING
Leslie YEOW



For Council, given that the number of nominations in each category (fellow and member) was equal to or less than the number of seats, no voting was required and so the candidates listed above were therefore elected unopposed.

The voting in this and previous elections was as follows:

2024 Return of 9.6%
2023 Return of 5.3%
2022 Return of 5.9%
2021 Return of 10.2%
2020 Return of 7.8%

Trustee Board and Council Election Results
IMechE Trustee Board Elections Results May 2024
ERS 97 Result Election of Ordinary Member of the Trustee Board


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