Engineering Heritage Awards

Established in 1984, our awards recognise pioneering engineering artefacts, locations, collections and landmarks.

Celebrating our engineering heritage

    Our Engineering Heritage Awards celebrate the contribution of mechanical engineering to our past and present. Recognising irreplaceable artefacts from hovercraft to sewage works, railway lines to bombers, the awards raise public awareness of the vital role mechanical engineering plays in modern life.

Over 132 awards presented to date.

Visit key past winners

  • The Vickers Wellington Bomber
  • The Pocket Power Station
  • Beyer Peacock Garratt K1 Locomotive

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Want to find out about each Engineering Heritage Award recipient? Read our Engineering Heritage Awards Handbook.

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To make a nomination, you'll need to download and complete the Engineering Heritage Awards application pack and send it to us.

You don't need to be an Institution member to make an application and can nominate your own item, building or organisation.

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