International Strategy Board

The International Strategy Board (ISB) represents the international members of the Institution who live outside the British Isles, reporting directly to the Trustee board.

Its purpose is to:

  • Develop and review international activities
  • Advise and coordinate international strategy and activity
  • Advise the Trustee Board

The ISB is comprised of the Chair, Vice Chair, 7 International Regional Chairs, IYMC Chair, Immediate past chair or vice chair and the International Trustee Board Representative. The International Strategy Board is responsible for overseeing the international network and The International Young Members Committee.

International Strategy Board Members

Role Name
Chair Professor Vinesh Thiruchelvam
 Vice-Chair Hassan Ansari CEng FIMechE
Immediate Past Vice Chair Louis Ka Sing Szeto
Chair Americas Jim Cowling
Chair Europe Daniel Fantoni
Chair Middle East and Africa Muhammed Uneeb
 Chair NEAR Vincent Ho
 Chair Oceanica Nic Coulthard
Chair SAR  Chanaka Wanniarachchi
 Chair SEAR Chua Yaw Long
 Chair IYMC Steven Hoo
 Member of the Trustee Board Chris Chong

Key objectives

  • Conduct its activities in the spirit of the IMechE’s Charter as a Learned Society in Mechanical Engineering and its Sciences, as well as engineering and its sciences more generally. Its ethos is encapsulated in “Improving the world through engineering”.
  • Provide impetus to the strategic international aims of the Institution expressed in the approved strategic plan.
  • Support the development of its members in countries outside the British Isles in their quest to increase knowledge, skills and experience. Thereby provide valuable altruistic inputs to the social and economic development of the countries where members are resident and/or working.
  • Support STEM in the education of future generations in these countries.
  • Work with other learned societies in these geographies.
  • Provide ethical leadership in its activities.


  • Report to and work with the Trustee Board on all aspects of its objectives. Participate in evolving the Institution’s international strategy with the Strategy Committee Align the international strategic objectives with the approved strategic framework of the Institution.
  • Develop, review and co-ordinate the strategies and activities of the Institution’s overseas branches, groups and panels, where applicable, supporting the Institution’s vision and strategic objectives.
  • Represent the Institution’s international network of members in multiple fora.
  • Coordinate activities with the International Young Members Committee (IYMC). This is an independent committee with its own TOR, but reports to the ISB. IYMC apart from the chair elected by ISB comprise of 7 young member representatives elected similar to regional chairs by the regional membership.
  • Collate annual budgets for IMechE’s international activities in Countries and Regions. This will include funds for the IYMC and for YM activities in Regions.
  • With improved communication channels ISB will use opportunities available to provide members with updates of its activities, events in the regions and across them using emails, webinar hosting pages and social media.