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Prestige Awards

The Institution's Prestige Awards celebrate and recognise excellent engineering practice in both academia and professional practices.

We champion engineers who can truly be said to have improved the world, or advanced the discipline of mechanical engineering.

Prestige Awards 2015

Awards available

Applications for 2015 awards are now closed.

Alastair Graham-Bryce Award

Prize: £5,000 and a trophy
New for 2015, a prize awarded to an individual or group making a significant contribution to the encouragement of young people towards a career in engineering.

Fritz Schumacher Award

Prize: £1,000 cash prize plus certificate
Awarded to an individual(s) for their outstanding contribution to alleviating poverty in the developing world through innovative technology and engineering solutions.

James Clayton Prize

Prize: Up to £10,000.00 plus certificate Awarded to a member(s) of the Institution who, contributes most in that year (or over recent years) to modern engineering science – by way of research, invention, experimental work, a paper on a modern engineering subject, originality in engineering design or by service to engineering.  

The Verena Winifred Holmes Award

The Verena Winifred Holmes Award (previously the Equality and Diversity Award) is intended to recognise those individuals who have achieved by undertaking a unique challenge or experience, perhaps to benefit people from groups with different needs, or with a past record of disadvantage or low participation. 

Award for Risk Reduction in Mechanical Engineering

This award recognises any eminent engineer who has contributed most in the understanding and/or reduction of risk in any area of mechanical engineering.  

Thomas Hawksley Gold Medal and George Stephenson Gold Medal

Awarded for the best original papers published by the Institution in the past 12 months.

James Watt International Gold Medal

The premier international award of the Institution is awarded biennially to an eminent engineer who has attained world-wide recognition in mechanical engineering in any direction - science and research, invention or production. Awarded biennially, the next award is for 2016.

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