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  • Carriages for Crossrail

    To ensure they’ll be reliable from day one, Bombardier is debugging all the systems to be used in the Crossrail trains it’s building

  • Autonomous vehicles

    Although we’re nowhere near fully autonomous cars becoming a standard mode of transport, several manufacturers are releasing remote driving systems that mark the first stage on the journey

  • CPD:Learning on the job

    Moves are afoot to change the way that the IMechE monitors the continuing professional development carried out by its members

  • Wind, solar, wave and tidal all-in-one

    A French firm developing a combined renewable offshore platform launches its prototype this month

  • Snake inspiration

    Engineers from around the world are turning to snakes to innovate in robotics and materials

  • The H factor

    Honda's senior engineers reveal how they aimed to give their new crossover SUV global appeal

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