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  • Still polarised as polling approaches

    With the vote on Scottish independence imminent, opinion remains divided over which would be the best option for the manufacturing sector

  • I’ll drink to that

    Lower operating costs and reduced carbon emissions are worth celebrating if you’re running a whisky distillery. Tanya Blake explains how it can be done

  • Teaching to the converted

    Engineers from a variety of disciplines are being persuaded to switch to electrifying new careers on the railways. Lee Hibbert talks to two people who have made the changeover

  • Oasis or conflict zone?

    Engineers are much in demand in the Middle East, but what’s it really like working there, for both indigenous professionals and expatriates?

  • Practical answers to world poverty

    Give people in developing countries the tools with which they can improve their lives, and communities can be transformed. Ben Hargreaves reports on engineers who are doing just that

  • Embraer breaks the mould

    Why the Brazilian aircraft manufacturer’s next aircraft is the the most important it has ever produced

  • August 2014 letters

    Military memories, the future of nuclear power, mine detection... and potential for trouble at the seaside

  • July 2014 letters

    Energy storage, D-Day memories, and other topics

  • June 2014 letters

    Climate change, railway electrification, how to make the IMechE truly international, and other topics

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