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  • Manufacturing prospects report

    The Institution an BDO accountants and business advisers carried out a survey that questioned manufacturing companies to ask their opinions on the likely effects of Brexit on their businesses.

  • Engineering a future outside the EU: securing the best outcome for the UK

    This report hails the government’s renewed focus on industrial strategy as a major opportunity to help the UK compete on the world stage, but warns that Brexit must not restrict access to engineering skills from across Europe.

  • Public Attitudes towards the UK Oil, Gas and Chemical Industries

    In order to understand the perceptions and attitudes towards the Oil, Gas and Chemical industries in the UK, the Institution undertook an online omnibus survey, interviewing a nationally representative sample of 2,034 adults living in Great Britain.

  • BIM guide for members of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers

    Autodesk® has prepared this guide to explain what Building Information Modelling (BIM) is and how it is used by your customers.

  • Automated Vehicles: Automatically Low Carbon?

    Automation and smart connectivity in road vehicles is happening apace. In this report we look at how might these elements be combined and integrated into the mobility system to have the most positive impact on energy efficiency and carbon reduction.

  • UK Freight: In for the long haul?

    This report consists of five short papers which look at UK freight's key issues: future-proofing the transport network, creating a joined-up approach, the introduction of new technologies, environmental impact and skills challenges.

  • Industry 4.0 Report

    This BDO report, produced in partnership with the Institution, examines what Industry 4.0 is and why it is relevant, what other countries are doing in this space and what the important next developments are.

  • Challenges for Water Use in UK Industry

    This short analysis explores the way we use water in industry, how it is managed and presents a case study about how we can treat water differently so that the UK water industry can contribute to achieving the sustainable development goals for 2030.

  • Presidential Address 2016: Jon Hilton

    Our 131st President, Jon Hilton, explains how he intends to concentrate on developing professional engineers and promoting entrepreneurialism over the next year.

  • Annual Review 2015

    Find out how we grew our professional membership, raised awareness of engineering and inspired young people in 2015.

  • Big Ideas: The future of engineering in schools

    Our report calls for a major rethink about the role of schools and colleges in promoting widespread engineering literacy.

  • Healthcare: Engineering Solutions for the NHS

    In this campaign document, we call for a Chief Biomedical Engineer position to be created in each acute NHS Trust in the UK.

  • The Food and Drink Report 2016

    An analysis of the sentiment, challenges and changing landscape for UK food and drink companies.

  • UK Onshore Well Integrity Report

    This joint report details the existing regulations and guidelines relating to well integrity on the UK mainland for oil and gas exploration and production, including shale gas.

  • Diversifying the Talent Pipeline: Women in Engineering

    This report looks at reasons why women are under represented in engineering and ways to attract more women in to the profession.

  • Autonomous and Driverless Cars Case Study

    In this case study we focus on the latest technology and policy developments in the field of autonomous and driverless cars

  • Engineering the UK electricity gap

    The future of UK power generation in light of recent changes to government energy policy.

  • Integrated Transport

    We suggest a fresh approach to integrated transport policy to reduce congestion.

  • Engineered in Britain 2015: Manufacturing a successful economy?

    Now in its fifth year, our Engineered in Britain 2015 report examines perceptions of the health of the UK’s manufacturing sector.

  • Catchment management in the water industry

    We discuss the impact of regulation of the water industry, including the unintended consequences of sustainable treatment.

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  • Healthcare

    Promoting health, fitness and wellbeing in a growing and ageing population through technology and engineering.

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  • Transport

    Promoting safe, efficient, integrated transport systems with minimal congestion and reduced emissions.

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