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Managing time

This course supports you with optimising your effort to ensure your time and energy is concentrated on high-payoff activities.

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Managing time
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This course supports you with optimising your effort to ensure your time and energy is concentrated on high-payoff activities.

You can't save time, store time or bank time: you can only spend it. Therefore it is important to make the right choices to ensure you use your time effectively.

This course will support you with optimising your effort to ensure your time and energy is concentrated on the high payoff activities.

The course also helps you understand the drivers of stress, its links with time management and how you can help yourself and others cope in periods of high stress.

Who should attend?

This course is suitable for engineers and non-engineers at all levels of the organisation.

How will I benefit?

After the course you will be able to:

• Identify how you currently allocate your time and that of your team.
• Take control of your time in a more positive way. 
• Use a variety of reflection & prioritisation tools. 
• Develop strategies for reducing time stealers.
• Appreciate the link between stress and time management. 
• Prevent and manage stress using a number of techniques.
Contributes 7 CPD hours

Compartmentalised common problems that prevent effective time management and illustrated simple tools that can be used to improve prioritisation.

Adrian Leigh Toyota UK

Key topics

• Introduction to time management.
• Personal effectiveness cycle.
• Reflecting.
• Working with Covey’s habits.
• Top tips and techniques.
• Managing stress.

Mapped against UK- SPEC competencies: E and D

  1. Professional commitment - For Incorporated and Chartered Engineers: ‘Demonstrate a personal commitment to professional standards, recognising obligations to society, the profession and the environment’
  2. Communication and inter-personal skills - For Incorporated and Chartered Engineers: 'Demonstrate effective interpersonal skills’

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At a glance

  • Duration:
    1 day
  • Location:
    London, Sheffield
  • CPD Hours:
  • Accredited:
  • UK-Spec:
    E, D

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1 day course

05 Mar 2019
25 Jun 2019 10% discount available until 25 April

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