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  • Our Power & Energy policies and reports

    • Public Attitudes towards the UK Oil, Gas and Chemical Industries

      In order to understand the perceptions and attitudes towards the Oil, Gas and Chemical industries in the UK, the Institution undertook an online omnibus survey, interviewing a nationally representative sample of 2,034 adults living in Great Britain.

    • Engineering the UK electricity gap

      The future of UK power generation in light of recent changes to government energy policy.

    • Heat Energy: The Nation’s Forgotten Crisis

      In this report we investigate the measures engineers will need to take to ensure that our future energy security challenges, social needs and decarbonisation aspirations are met

    • Small Modular Reactors: A UK Opportunity

      In this policy statement we describe the opportunity for UK involvement in small modular reactor (SMR) development activities, and the economic, business and infrastructure factors that make engagement an attractive proposition.

    • A Tank of Cold: Cleantech Leapfrog to a More Food Secure World

      In this report we propose a range of energy storage solutions that meet the criteria for use in the context of a developing economy. One contender in this regard is cryogenic energy storage.

    • Geothermal Energy: UK Potential

      In this policy statement we look at what can be done to fully exploit the potential benefits of geothermal energy for the UK.

    • UK Plutonium: The Way Forward

      In this policy statement we look at future management options for the 112 tonnes of civil held plutonium, including about 28 tonnes of material belonging to overseas customers, currently stored in the UK.

    • Scottish Energy 2020?

      In this report we present a practical engineering view of the key issues and challenges to be addressed if Scotland is serious about achieving this target.

    • Nuclear build: A Vote of No Confidence?

      In this report we propose a number of recommendations which could help bridge the confidence gap between industry and the government, and help the nation achieve its long-term low-carbon targets.

    • Energy from Waste

      In this policy statement we look at how the UK can make the most of energy from waste plants, which convert waste into usable energy in the form of electricity, heat and/or transport fuels.

    • Marine energy: More than just a drop in the ocean?

      In this report we focus on barriers for commercialising the marine energy market in Scotland along with the current and future funding of marine energy projects.

    • Marine Energy

      In this policy statement we look at how the UK should respond to the challenges to full commercialisation that are facing the marine energy industry, and how the industry can fulfil its potential.

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Engineering Heritage Award Winner

Engineering Heritage Awards

From the Charles A Parsons Nº5 turbo generator to Cruachan Power Station, our Engineering Heritage Awards recognise, conserve and preserve artefacts from our industrial heritage. You can find out about each artefact and the engineers who designed them.

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