Find a mentor using the Independent Mentor Service

If you’re working towards professional registration, looking for career guidance or need impartial support, you could consider applying to find a mentor through our Independent Mentor Service (IMS). 


About the service

You may have a single objective, such as working towards professional registration, or you might be focused on a longer-term goal, like moving from one industry to another.

Whatever your goal, we’ll match you to an independent mentor from our pool of professionals, who work in various industries and are at different career stages, to help, inspire and challenge you. 

We typically match mentees to mentors by industry or location. But, because the service is global and can be managed remotely, we may assign mentees to mentors outside their home country. In that case, meetings and interactions take place by phone and online.

There are no fixed rules governing the frequency of interaction which, after matching, is independently run between mentor and the mentee. After you’ve been matched with a mentor, you’ll agree the timescales and commitment levels between you.

There’s no fee for using the service.

About you

As a mentee, you may, for example, be working towards professional registration, employed by a small company where there is no Accredited Monitored Professional Development Scheme (MPDS).

You could be an experienced engineer looking to establish a relationship that allows you to share professional and specialist advice, and expertise in a specific area of engineering. To qualify for the scheme, mentees must be one of our members and:

  • Not a student
  • An associate member or an EngTech, IEng or CEng
  • Working towards or looking for advice on professional registration, or
  • An experienced engineer, already professionally registered, wanting to establish a peer-to-peer relationship with an engineer who is an expert on a specific subject or an area of engineering

What you’ll do 

As a mentee, you’ll be expected to:
  • Identify goals
  • Be committed to the relationship
  • Be open to constructive feedback
  • Be receptive to all avenues of self-improvement
  • Proactively seek development opportunities
  • Be open and honest
  • Focus on solutions

How you’ll benefit

You’ll benefit from having an independent mentor if you:

  • Are working towards becoming professionally registered
  • Have a larger goal, such as moving from one industry or discipline to another
  • Would like peer-to-peer advice from another experienced engineer
  • Want to reach your personal development goals with the help of an experienced professional
  • Want to break your goals down into manageable tasks

How much time it will take

You’ll agree the frequency of meetings and level of interaction with your IMS mentor

How it works

The memorandum of agreement (MOA) will guide you both on the how the service works. You’ll enter voluntarily into the agreement with your mentor – it’s a partnership between you both. 

As we offer separate mentoring services through our Accredited schemes, such as the Monitored Professional Development Scheme, the IMS is not available to mentees within companies which have an Accredited scheme.

Start your application

Complete the mentee application form and email it to us at: together with a short CV, letting us know what challenge you are facing that an IMS mentor could help you to solve.

Find out more

Get in touch if you have any questions about using the Independent Mentor Service.


Become an IMS mentor

If you’re proud to be an engineer and want to give something back to your profession, you could consider becoming an Independent Mentor Service (IMS) mentor.

Find out how to become an IMS mentor

Find out more

Get in touch if you have any questions about using the Independent Mentor Service.