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UK and International

SOFE competitions are organised by volunteers from our regional networks based around the world.


Speak Out for Engineering is a competition designed to help develop verbal and visual communication in explaining technical mechanical engineering related subjects.

What you will do

The organiser will have the discretion to determine whether the competition will be run over more than one occasion and it may be necessary to limit the number of entries if there is significant interest. Entries should be submitted to the local organiser and not directly to IMechE. The date of the competition will be at the discretion of the organiser, but they must take place before 31 December each year.

How it works

Announcement of winners

The SOFE organiser must, where possible, submit the winner and runner forms for processing within two weeks of final competition. Once they have been informed please complete the winner and runner up application forms and return to

Appointment of judges

Judges will be appointed by the organiser and will be chosen carefully. As 90% of the total marks are given for presentation with only 10% for technical content it is not necessary for all judges to have a technical/scientific background.

Judges marking scheme

The same marking scheme will be used throughout the competition. Please see the SOFE Packs and resource material for further information on the role of a SOFE competition judge, judges marking sheet and information on what judges should be examining.

For full details please see the organiser's pack. If you would like to organise a competition please contact the SOFE team.

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If you would like to find out more, get in touch with our SOFE team.

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