Pharmaceutical Engineering Committee

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The Pharmaceuticals Committee is a Technical Activity Committee (TAC) within the Process Industries Division. It provides a focus for the exchange of information and ideas, and the dissemination of best engineering knowledge and practice in the pharmaceuticals industry.>

What we do

  • Work together to progress our objectives and:-
  • Meet together at least three times a year for networking, sharing and working through our initiatives and objectives
  • Award the Moss Prize for outstanding contributions to Pharmaceutical Engineering
  • Organise lectures on a range of technical and other topics related to leading-edge engineering in the pharmaceutical industry
  • Present webinars on subjects relevant to engineers and other technical staff in pharmaceutical manufacturing and support
  • Develop a new Pharmaceutical Design Prize available for undergraduate students.
  • Entertain, enthuse, educate and encourage engineers, and potential engineers, of all ages
  • Work closely with our colleagues on the equivalent committee in other professional bodies.

Our objectives

  1. To raise the profile of the contribution and importance of Mechanical Engineering to the pharmaceutical industry
  2.  To improve awareness and  visibility of the exciting and rewarding career opportunities available to young and developing Mechanical Engineers
  3. Encourage Mechanical Engineers to enhance their contribution to the achievement of the industry's goals; for the mutual benefit of all the parties and seek to increase membership interest and knowledge in the pharmaceuticals sector
  4. Become the leading authority on Mechanical Engineering within the pharmaceutical industry
  5. To examine the content and impact of regulations on industry and to provide input to Regulatory Bodies
  6. Seek ways for the supplier and user community to be more cost effective in meeting the cost burden of compliance with current regulations and standards
  7. To seek close liaison with other professional organisations that operate in the same industrial environment
  8. To establish a vision of where the mechanical engineering support for the industry should be within 10 years.

Karen Stevenson, Chair

Chris Hurst, Vice Chairman

Chris HurstChris is a chartered mechanical engineer and has worked for the GSK group of companies in a range of engineering roles for over 30 years.  He has worked at six pharmaceutical manufacturing sites in the UK, Mexico and Spain and is currently Head of Operational Engineering & Compliance for the GSK manufacturing network of 70 sites in 30 countries.

Chris has a particular interest in manufacturing plant maintenance, reliability and equipment performance and has also led GSK’s engineering standards and compliance programme.

Andrew Davies

Zulfikar Daya

Andrew Derry

Claire Edwards

Simon Grimster

Robert Hayes

Noel Hensman

David Howson

Daniel Levett

Joanne Lilley

Mike Machin

Monty Manhal

Vic Mosca, Life Sciences Director, Currie & Brown UK Ltd

Vic Mosca

Vic Mosca has over 25 years’ experience of many types  of veterinary, research and pharmaceutical GMP facilities, from initial brief and concept design to successful commissioning and validation. He has a rigorous technical understanding and a systematic problem-solving approach, experience of many delivery routes and contract forms, undertaking design reviews, cost audits and technical due diligence inspections, defining and implementing remedial action plans, enabling clients to obtain operating licenses.

Vic has directed many technically complex and commercially sensitive projects worldwide, undertaken team oversight and provided governance review through required approval gates. He has undertaken many assignments for pharmaceutical companies and life sciences research organisations, including repurposing studies and redevelopment masterplans.


Ellen Rawlinson

Ian Skinner B.Eng (Hons) C.Eng FIMechE FCIBSE FIHEEM

Ian Skinner

A mechanical building services engineer by training with more than 35 years of experience designing and developing the engineering services systems to provide closely controlled environments in the science, health and research facilities.

Ian’s experience includes many and varied projects requiring highly resilient and closely controlled conditions ranging from clean and ultra-clean environments - pharmaceutical, research, medical etc., to ultra-dirty - biological, chemical, radiation containment etc. and high stability/resilience facilities.

His aim is to provide the strategic and technical support required during the planning, design, procurement/construction, testing/commissioning and ongoing operation of each building/facility in support of achieving successful and optimum outcomes for their successful and profitable operation.

Ian Sutherland

Marcus Vallance

Adrian Wallis

Eur Ing Maurice Worthington MSc C.Eng FIMechE MEI

Maurice WorthingtonChartered mechanical engineer, a Fellow of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers and a Member of the Energy Institute with over 35 years experience in project, mechanical and process engineering mainly in the pharmaceutical industry. 

Maurice’s current experience as a project manager for an engineering design and consultancy company includes various assignments, covering project engineering and validation work for pharmaceutical industry clients. 

Previously employed by a major United States pharmaceutical manufacturer as a lead project engineer, and Head of Engineering in the Maintenance Department for the Mechanical Workshop, Planning, Fermentation and Recovery, Pharmaceutical Engineering.




Could you gain from participating in the committee?

Would you or somebody that you know be a good candidate to join the Pharmaceutical TAC and get involved with its activities?

'The committee has given me a professional constant, throughout years of operating within an uncertain work environment. Without it I doubt I would be where I am now.’ K.S.

'I thought that being a part of a group such as this would mean I was always up to date with the latest trends. I have not been disappointed.’ B.H.

The committee welcomes new and enthusiastic individuals to join, contribute and share ideas!  If you would like to find out more, email


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