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Learn To Win is an essential day to get your team and car ready for the Formula Student competition, with teams from across the UK and beyond joining together to understand any rule changes and get feedback on their car direct from the judges involved.

Learn To Win 2019 is an essential event to get your team and car ready for the Formula Student competition - taking place on 9 November 2018 at the Manufacturing Technical Centre in Coventry.

Whether you are involved in team management, design, fabrication or testing, Learn To Win will give you crucial insights into what the judges are looking for and how to improve every aspect of your car.

  • Get a clear understanding of what the judges are looking for in each area
  • Learn how to maximise your team’s scoring in each section of the competition
  • Receive immediate feedback on your team’s project
  • Benchmark your project against other teams and find out new ideas
  • Bring all your burning questions and get advice from the experts in drop-in sessions
  • Take back the guidance and strategies you need to enhance the design and manufacturing of your car

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