Student hardship grants


This grant programme is open to applications from mechanical engineering students who are:

  • IMechE members, AND
  • Following an undergraduate degree, Masters, PhD (or a course at another level) that is in mechanical engineering, AND
  • In financial need during their study time, AND
  • Have savings of less than £1,500.

Applications for the 2023/2024 academic year for students studying in the UK are now open. Please contact us for an application form.

For students studying in Nigeria, applications for the 2023/24 academic year will open later in the Spring. Please refer back to this page from 31 January 2024 for further information on when and how to apply.

For all other students studying outside of the UK, applications for the 2023/24 academic year are now open. Please contact us for an application form.

Grants of up to £2000 per academic year can be awarded depending on individual circumstances and can be given to help with a range of living costs if you are unable to afford these by yourself.

We can also consider a grant if you have disability related costs, additional disability needs, or ongoing health related needs; or if you have extra financial needs due to having children under 18, or other caring responsibilities.

Student grants are available internationally.

We cannot assist with the payment of tuition fees. You will either need to have paid your fees or be able to show how you will be paying the fees. Your application to us will not be processed if you cannot demonstrate how the fees will be paid.

We would usually expect applicants to be working part-time (except during their final year or when circumstances preclude this), and to provide details of their employment; or that they are actively looking for work; or otherwise show why they are unable to work.

Cases are considered on a case by case basis and thus the type of, or indeed whether support is provided at all, varies depending on the individual circumstances of each application.

We can only provide support during the academic year in which you are studying – please do not apply before you have started your course, nor for a future academic year.

    Please note:

  • If you are studying a mechanical engineering course and are not an IMechE member, you will need to join the Institution before applying to us.
  • If you are a dependant of an IMechE member (rather than being a member yourself) and are studying something other than mechanical engineering, you can apply for a study costs grant from our General Fund.
  • If you are an IMechE member and a student but not studying mechanical engineering, we will not be able to assist where there is an institution/membership body linked to the area you are studying. If there is not an alternative organisation we will use our discretion as to whether it is appropriate to make an award.
  • If you have yet to start your course then we would encourage you to look into the IMechE Scholarships and Awards.

How to apply for a student hardship grant:

  1. Once you have started your course, check with your education provider’s student services department to make sure you are receiving all the statutory assistance available. 
  2. If you need financial help during your study time, approach your academic provider hardship fund for advice and assistance.
  3. If you are still in financial hardship, contact us at Support Network to confirm your eligibility and to request an application form. 
  4. Complete your application form showing your financial situation and return this alongside any requested supporting information.
  5. Speak to one of our volunteers who will contact you to discuss your application further, before they submit their recommendation to us.
  6. We aim to provide you with a decision as quickly as possible, though this might depend on how soon missing information can be provided to us.
  7. Not all applications will be supported with a grant, therefore receiving an application form is not a guarantee that funding will be provided.

Look after your financial wellbeing

PayPlan have produced a guide specifically aimed at students providing advice and information about finances and their impact on wellbeing. Looking at bank accounts, credit, budgeting and ways to earn some extra cash. If you are struggling to manage your money PayPlan offer free, confidential debt and budgeting advice through their website or on 0800 280 2816.

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