Support Network

We provide advice, financial, EMOTIONAL or practical support to members in need, worldwide.

  • About Support Network

    Support Network is the Institution's personal support charity. It provides information, advice, and financial, emotional and practical assistance to people in need.

  • How we help

    There are a number of different ways Support Network can help, from telephone helplines providing expert advice to grants for special needs equipment.

  • How we've helped

    Read about some of the people the Support Network has helped, and the very real difference our intervention has made to their lives.

  • How you can help

    Support Network relies on its team of volunteer Visitors to help assess new applications for support and keep in touch with beneficiaries. Find out how to join them.

  • COVID-19 update

    As we start getting used to this temporary new way of life, we thought we would share some resources that could make this period a little easier for you and your family. To access this link click here.

  • Governance

    The day-to-day running of the Support Network is taken care of by a small team of full-time staff, assisted by a nationwide network of volunteers, and governed by a board of trustees.

A Company Limited by Guarantee (Company No.130981)
Registered Office: 3 Birdcage Walk, London SW1H 9JJ
Registered Charity No. 209465

Need some help?

Contact the Support Network team if you have any questions.