Formula Student

Formula Student 2018 - Sunday Award Winners

Formula Student Team

Congratulations to all teams who took part and were awarded on the Sunday night of Formula Student. However, there can be only one winner!

Sunday 15 July 2018 Award winners

Class 1 Business Plan Presentation  
University of the Basque Country
Class 1 Cost and Manufacturing
Ain Shams University
Class 1 Engineering Design Runner Up    
Oxford Brookes University
Class 1 Engineering Design Winner    
Technical University Munich
Class 1 Most Efficient Car    
Technical University Munich
Class 1 Most Efficient Internal Combustion Engine Car    
University of Sheffield 
Class 1 Sprint Winner    
Technical University Munich  
 Mercedes-AMG Petronas Motorsport Endurance Award  
Monash University (IC)
Class 1 Dynamic Events Winner  
Monash University (IC)
Class 1 Top Individual Driver    Monty Jeacock-Fewtrell
Loughborough University
Class 1 Most Entertaining Driver    
Andrew McCarthy
Monash University (IC)

Kenny Hassler
University of Texas Arlington
Class 1 Most Cones Hit     
Ibrahim Mohammed Ibrahim Hemdan
Ain Shams University
Breakthrough Award  
Staffordshire University
Dynamic Driving Task Award  
University of Edinburgh
 Automated Driving System Award   Starkstrom Augsburg 
Augsburg University
Class 1 Third Place  
Monash University (EV)
Class 1 Runner Up    

Oxford Brookes University
 Class 1 Overall Winner  
Monash University (IC)

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