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Formula Student – Artificial Intelligence (FS-AI) has been introduced to challenge student teams to develop an AI driver capable of controlling a purpose designed FS car through a series of racing challenges. There is also a series of ‘static’ event categories, including the requirement for the students to also consider Real World Autonomous scenarios. The competition is designed to evolve to keep pace with the skills requirements of the UK AI sector. FS produces some of the best ‘industry ready’ engineering graduates in the world. FSAI will now extend this into the world of autonomy, producing software engineers ready to meet the ever growing demand for CAV skills to support vehicle manufacturers and their supply chain. 

Students have the option to design and build their own autonomous racer, similar to the traditional format of Formula Student, whilst also developing AI code. 

Alternatively, for those teams who prefer to focus on the task of creating control algorithms rather than the mechanical engineering of a car, a prototype a prototype vehicle, the ADS-DV, has been developed by the IMechE with funding from the Centre for Connected & Autonomous Vehicles (CCAV) via Innovate UK. FS-AI is the first competition of its kind to offer this alternative, lowering the barrier to entry for Universities for whom resources and budget would otherwise prevent participation. The ADS-DV allows students to create control algorithms to work with their chosen AI hardware in order to complete a set of predefined AI missions.

The ADS-DV is part-funded by the Centre for Connected and Autonomous Vehicles (CCAV), delivered in partnership with Innovate UK. It is part of the government’s £100 million Intelligent Mobility Fund, supporting the Future of Mobility Grand Challenge.

As a key part of the UK government’s modern Industrial Strategy, the Future of Mobility Grand Challenge was announced in 2017 to encourage and support extraordinary innovation in UK engineering and technology, making the UK a world leader within the transport industries.

This includes facilitating profound changes in transport technologies and business models, to make the movement of people, goods and services across the nation greener, safer, easier and more reliable.

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"Rapid developments in CAV technology, and the new business models which will underpin their use, could fundamentally change the way people and goods move around in the future, offering huge potential benefits in safety, efficiency and productivity. AI is a critical enabler of this future, and FS-AI will help nurture talent on which the UK’s industry, from exciting young start ups to large corporations, will help realise this future for society."

Simon Shapcott, Head of Research & Development, Centre for Connected & Autonomous Vehicles


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