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Annual Meeting 2021, Royal Charter and By-Law Ballot

Terry Spall, President

Changes to our Royal Charter and By-Laws. (Updated 7 May 2021)

Message from the President, Terry Spall

This year we are asking you to approve changes to our Royal Charter and By-Laws to implement modifications recommended by our Governance Review in 2019 and reflect the huge change in our digital capability since they were last updated seven years ago.

These proposals streamline the governance of our Institution to make it more efficient and take advantage of the switch to digital, for example to allow greater use of online voting.

Our experience has been that online engagement encourages diversity and inclusion and is much easier for many members, especially when they are in locations remote from Birdcage Walk.

The changes have been developed over the last 6 months by a special forum, facilitated by our CEO Colin Brown with representatives from across the Institution. 

The proposed changes have secured approval in principle from the Engineering Council and the Privy Council.  They have been reviewed by Council and checked by our lawyers.

The only recommendations in the Governance Review affecting the Charter and By-Laws concern the structure and purpose of the Trustee Board.

The proposal is to move as much as possible to a new set of regulations for the Trustee Board that will remain under the full control of membership through General Meetings but be free of the need for future Privy Council consultation.

Other changes include updating the By-Laws to ensure they reflect the current practice of Qualifications and Membership Board review of applications, including CPD obligations and that we maintain compliance with the prevailing UK General Data Protection Regulations.

For more information about the main modifications, please look at this presentation by Colin Brown.

I would urge you to vote in favour of the changes we are proposing. They are essential for the good governance of the Institution and set the way for the next stage of our journey under our new President Peter Flinn and our incoming CEO Dr Alice Bunn.

There are 88 individual changes (excluding numbering changes) which you can view in detail below. We have divided these into five groupings on the ballot paper to allow you flexibility in expressing your view if you like some but not others.

Please see full documentation below:
Closing date for voting: 24 May 2021 at 12:00 hrs UK BST.

*Please Note: Only click on the voting link once you have received your unique codes via post or email.

Terry Spall



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