Our People and Culture

open, collaborative, and inclusive community working in close partnership

At IMechE, we are deeply committed to fostering an inclusive culture that values and supports our members and employees. We recognise that our people and culture are integral to our success, and we strive to create an environment where everyone feels valued, develops a sense of belonging, and can thrive.

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Our employees are our most valuable asset, we prioritise employee engagement to cultivate an inclusive culture where every voice is heard and respected. To facilitate this, we have established Engagement Champions who represent employees across our organisation. They collaborate on various projects and provide valuable insights to the Executive Team. Currently, our working groups include the Wellbeing Group, IT Group, Cheer Group, and Social Responsibility Group.

Our member and employee led Culture Ambassador Network plays a vital role in promoting greater inclusion, fostering inter-cultural understanding, challenging preconceptions, appreciating differences, and cultivating opportunities for innovation. This network ensures that every individual feels supported, included, and empowered to have their voices heard.

By prioritising inclusion, engagement, and cultural diversity, we are building a culture that celebrates the unique talents and perspectives of our members and employees. We firmly believe that fostering an inclusive and supportive environment enables innovation, collaboration, and collective growth, ultimately driving our Institution forward towards greater success.

  • Our Values

    Our Values

    At the Institution we live our values in everything we do.

  • Diversity and Inclusion (D&I)

    Diversity and Inclusion (D&I)

    Learn about our D&I work at the Institution, the D&I Committee and our ‘Creating Inclusion’ online Programme.

  • Work for Us

    Work for Us

    Our people are our greatest asset. We work hard to ensure that we are inclusive and welcoming to people from all walks of life.