Operational Boards


Education and Skills Strategy Board

Chair: Professor Helen James

  • Influences education and skills to facilitate the inspiration, education and retention of young people and contributes to the long-term sustainable diversification, development and growth of the engineering profession at large.
  • Contact essb@imeche.org for more information.

International Strategy Board

Chair: Vinesh Thiruchelvam

  • The International Strategy Board (ISB) represents the international members of the Institution who live outside the British Isles, reporting directly to the Trustee board.
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Qualifications and Membership Board

Chair: Graham Taylor (Interim)

The QMB ensures that the standards for election to and continuance of Membership of the Institution and Registration with the Licensing Bodies are maintained

Regional Strategy Board

Chair: Andy Pugh

  • Develops, reviews and co-ordinates the strategies and activities of the UK and Ireland regions to support our vision and strategic objectives.
  • Advises the Trustee Board.
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Technical Strategy Board

Chair: James Collinson

  • Develops and reviews the engineering and technical activities.
  • Advises and coordinates technical strategy and activity.
  • Advises the Trustee Board.

Young Members Board

Chair: Emil Tschepp

  • Helps bring the views of our Young Members to the forefront of all our discussions.
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