Diversity & Inclusion Action Plan


On a culture transformation journey

As a global membership Institution, we are committed to building an organisation that continues to attract, develop and retain the very best talent in the engineering community to fulfil our vision of being “global inclusive and digitally enabled”.

We are proud to have a rich, global membership base, and we are taking steps to build an inclusive culture where all our members and employees know they belong, feel valued and can thrive.

What are we trying to achieve?

The engineering profession has much to be proud of, but we need to ensure that it is welcoming to all people, regardless of their background. Our goal is to give impetus to a culture change – initially within the Institution, and eventually within the engineering profession itself – to grow the engineering talent pool, encourage greater diversity of thought, and secure the skills pipeline required to engineer a better world.

Culture change takes time, and we remain committed to accelerating progress and making a real difference to the engineering community and wider society.


Driving inclusion throughout the organisation is essential to achieving our mission of “improving the world through engineering’’ and supporting our strategic goals.

Engineers are best placed to find solutions to the major challenges facing us all today, such as climate change and global pandemics, and yet there is a recognised skills shortage withing the engineering sector in many parts of the world.

Solving these challenges requires the right mix of people, and diversity of thought, to give rise to the innovation that we all need to see. We should strive to leverage the existing talent pool, but also inspire the next generation to pursue a career in engineering.


The Institution’s mission, vision, values, and strategic goals point to the need to continue our culture transformation journey and retain our place as leaders in the engineering sector.

We are working to embed inclusion at the heart of everything we do. The D&I action plan is set to ensure that our services are built with accessibility in mind, that our communications are inclusive, and that any systemic barriers are removed.

To learn more about our areas of focus, please see our D&I Objectives below.


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    • Diversity & Inclusion Webinars


      • Make changes to embed inclusion across all our processes and services
      • Improve the value of membership provided through all stages of membership development
    • Inclusion Moments Library


      • Work in collaboration with Government, Industry, Academia and IMechE membership to support Institution's D&I agenda
      • Ensure our STEM outreach activities are inclusive and targeted
    • Diversity & Inclusion Webinars

      Governance & Leadership

      • Make systemic changes and strengthen our governance arrangements with inclusion at the heart
    • Inclusion Moments Library

      Digital Communications

      • Deliver improved services to members in an inclusive way through our digital platform modernisation
      • Ensure all our communications are inclusive and representative of our global engineering community
    • Inclusive Communications Guide

      Staff & Volunteers

      • Ensure employees and members feel welcomed, valued and supported
    • Guides, Factsheets and Activity Sheets

      Strategic Collaborations

      • Secure strategic partnerships that reflect our values and strong commitment to D&I
    • Guides, Factsheets and Activity Sheets

      Facilities & Systems

      • Establish a welcoming and inclusive HQ that promotes our values
    • Guides, Factsheets and Activity Sheets

      Financial Resilience

      • Improve financial systems to support volunteer activities globally
    • Guides, Factsheets and Activity Sheets

      Culture & Behaviours

      • Foster a greater sense of inclusion and belonging for staff, volunteers and members
      • Define and communicate our position as a global and inclusive membership organisation