Support Network is governed by a trustee board made up of twelve elected trustees and one ex-officio trustee – the Hon Treasurer, who is usually the Institution's Director of Finance.  

Being a Trustee

The elected trustees serve for three years, after which they may be re-elected for one further period of three years before taking a break of at least one year. Most, though not all, elected Trustees are also Volunteer Visitors. 

We hold four Trustee Board meetings a year, all at Birdcage Walk, and held during the day, and full expenses are paid for these. Some of our Trustees are able to volunteer as part of an employee release volunteering programme. 

You can download a role description here.  If you would like to have an informal discussion about the role, please email the Support Network CEO, Anni Broadhead or ring her on 020 7304 6883.

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Need more information?

Contact the Support Network team if you have any questions.