Student grants

Student grants

If you’re in financial need and are on a mechanical engineering-related undergraduate degree, Masters course, following a PhD or a course at another level, you can apply for grants of up to £2,000. Grants are awarded per academic year.

Grants are provided towards living costs, travel, accommodation, course materials, software, books etc. Grant support towards industrial placement costs can be considered, but we cannot give grants to pay tuition fees.

We also award grants if you have disability related costs, additional disability needs or ongoing health related needs.

If you’re a final-year student, or if you have extra financial needs such as children under 18, you can apply for an additional sum.

Students following courses at other levels and/or students who are the dependents of IMechE members can also apply for assistance. 

Applications can be received at any time during the year, but applicants must have commenced their course before they apply to us

All of these grants are available internationally.

How do I apply?

Once you have started your course

1. Check with your education provider’s student services department to make sure you are receiving all the statutory assistance available and/or any help from university funds
2. Contact us to confirm your eligibility and we will send you an application form
3. Complete our application form showing your financial situation

Are any applications prioritised?

Yes, we prioritise applications from applicants who are:
  • In their final year or stage of their programme
  • Disabled
  • Local Authority care leavers
  • Estranged from their parents
  • Aged 25 and over with extra financial commitments
  • Parents with children under 18, especially lone parents
  • Carers or who have financial dependants

  • Managing significant debts accrued before commencing their course
  • Repeating a year due to causes outside their control
  • Without access to other sources of funds

N.B. Assistance is provided to all eligible applicants who meet the application criteria of being in education and in need.

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