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Promoting safe, efficient transport systems with minimal congestion is important for personal mobility and transportation of goods.

Yet the transport sector damages our environment: it produces over a quarter of UK CO2 emissions. Engineering is therefore key to meeting the requirements of increased mobility, lower carbon emissions and improving air quality.

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reports and policy statements

  • UK Aerospace: the impact of Brexit

    The UK aerospace industry is the second largest aerospace industry in the world, and is one of the traditional economic backbones of the UK economy. As a multibillion-pound industry, its influence has a global impact.

  • Automation and Autonomy

    Society has long been comfortable with, indeed fascinated by, automation.

  • A Breath of Fresh Air: new solutions to reduce transport emissions

    Air pollution has always been a topic on the Government’s agenda, but one where the focus has changed over the years.

  • Public Perceptions: Driverless Cars

    The Institution commissioned ICM Unlimited to establish the public’s knowledge, awareness and acceptability of a technology which could potentially revolutionise road transport in the very near future.

  • Increasing capacity: Putting Britain's railways back on track

    This report complements and builds upon the Royal Academy of Engineering’s Transport Congestion Challenge paper (Nov 2015), using the expertise of our Railway Division membership active throughout the UK rail industry.

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Engineering Policy Unit 

Our Engineering Policy Unit works closely with members to raise the profile of engineers and engineering potential, to generate discussion and provide thought leadership.

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