Leaving the EU, the Euratom Treaty Part 2 A Framework for the Future

As the UK leaves the Euratom Treaty, no amendment has been made to allow for a consistent transition for the nuclear industry.

In February 2017, the Institution of Mechanical
Engineers’ Leaving the EU: The Euratom Treaty
policy statement recommended that the UK
Government develops a suitable transitional
framework to provide the UK nuclear industry with
an alternative SSAC prior to leaving the EU and
Euratom treaties. In this second policy statement,
the Institution details a transition pathway to a
new SSAC and describes the actions needed.

The Institution of Mechanical Engineers  four recommendations::

1. That the UK Government adopts the framework
approach to safeguarding, Nuclear Co-operation
Agreements, Research & Development (R&D)
and regulation for the nuclear industry,
replacing mechanisms lost as a result of the
UK’s departure from Euratom.

2. That the UK works towards developing a
new nuclear Safeguards regime, through the
development of a UK Safeguarding Office, to
ensure the country conforms to international
rules on safety and non-proliferation.

3. That the UK Government remains an associate
member of Euratom for the specific purpose
of research & development activities in the
nuclear sector. The exact detail of this associate
membership should be arranged before the
deadline for exiting the EU.

4. That the UK Government should include within
the UK’s nuclear sector strategy a long term
commitment to nuclear R&D programmes
including, a pathway for developing Small
Modular Reactors (SMRs).


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