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General Election 2017: The Institution of Mechanical Engineers Manifesto

The Policy Team

Our manifesto provides priority policy solutions
Our manifesto provides priority policy solutions

Find out about the Institution's 2017 Manifesto recommendations.

Foreword: Engineering a manifesto

The engineering approach is to provide practical, workable solutions to problems. As our country’s political parties put together their manifestos we would encourage them to do the same.

The Institution of Mechanical Engineers brings together over 115,000 members who live and breathe engineering solutions, and we have been doing so since 1847. The challenges the UK faces are rather different to the Victorian era in which we began, but engineers are as relevant today as they were then, if not more so.

Our Institution draws upon expertise across a significant range of areas from teaching, manufacturing, aviation, energy and healthcare technologies. Engineers in these areas can provide real insight and real solutions to the challenges in these sectors. 

Our manifesto provides priority policy solutions that would see tangible impacts on our citizens’ daily lives and that a government, of any hue, could take forward after 8 June. 

In this document we outline proposals in the fields of health, education, energy, and transport that we hope will inform the political debate.  We stand ready to discuss and debate these issues to do what we can to make them happen.

For our Manifesto we have focused on four key areas:

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