Formula Student Autonomous: are you the next Daniel Simon?

Formula Student Team

Back in October, at Learn To Win, Chairman Andrew Deakin revealed plans for the us to provide a ‘Formula Student like vehicle with autonomous capability’ for use in the inaugural FS Autonomous competition in the UK.

The engineering design concept for this vehicle has now been finalised and we have engaged DJ Racecars to manufacture the chassis and suspension. The aesthetics are still very much up for discussion, though.

“The car, of course, must be capable of high performance and fast 0-60 times, but it definitely needs to look good” said Jon Hilton who is leading the vehicle’s development. Jon is a previous Chair of Formula Student and also the 131st President of the IMechE.  “FS teams have produced some good looking cars over the years, so who better to influence the direction of our vehicle’s aesthetics?”

We’d like you to send us your idea of the perfect looking autonomous vehicle.  It can be a hand sketch or surface CAD model, based on the CAD file in STEP format which can be accessed here.

Designs should sent to with a covering email to Del Quigley.

The car will be a similar size to a current FS car but will not have space for a driver and will instead need a central post on which to mount an array of sensors. We are looking for a futuristic design which is both practical in use and reasonably easy to make.

The successful applicant will see their design come to life as FSUK’s first autonomous vehicle and will be named as part of the design team.  They will also be considered for a gap year placement at DJ Racecars.

The closing date for the competition is Friday 12 January, 2018.

Our partners DJ Racecars also have an exciting job opportunity related to the project.  They are seeking a graduate to assist with technical research for the car, which will begin in January 2018.  Placement students would be expected to start as soon as possible after term finishes for the summer. For more information, please email


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