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Connected Factory to reveal 'innovative' benefits of Industry 4.0

Joseph Flaig

(Credit: AMRC)
(Credit: AMRC)

A new Industry 4.0 centre will reveal the “innovative” ways digitalisation is transforming manufacturing.

Created by the University of Sheffield’s Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre (AMRC), Internet of Things (IoT) company PTC and consultants Deloitte, the Connected Factory will demonstrate the benefits of new digital technologies such as PTC’s ThingWorx industrial IoT platform.

Manufacturers will visit the Connected Factory at the AMRC to explore the impact of Industry 4.0 in key areas such as maintenance, product quality, inbound inventory, shop floor management and safety. The centre will host discussions and demonstrations on technologies for improved efficiency, transparency and other manufacturing optimisation.

The Connected Factory will give businesses of all sizes the chance “to explore and understand what the Fourth Industrial Revolution can do for them,” said Ben Morgan, head of integrated manufacturing at Factory 2050, the AMRC’s larger facility housing the Connected Factory.

“The AMRC’s Factory 2050 is the perfect environment for anyone wanting to learn more about digital transformation in manufacturing,” said Paul Haimes, vice-president of pre-sales at PTC. “The industry forecast to make the largest IoT investment is manufacturing. Partnering with Deloitte on this new facility at the AMRC will give manufacturers a hands-on environment to explore digital manufacturing.”

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