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Bloodhound SSC: Your chance to become part of history

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Engineers are being given the chance to design parts for the Bloodhound SSC which aims to break the world land speed record and surpass a speed of 1000mph.

The car still needs a number of turned, milled and fabricated parts. Bloodhound will release engineering part-drawings and CAD data to their website on 31 March, where you can submit your offer by email, detailing your company’s expertise, the parts you’d like to make and lead time.

Bloodhound will review all offers by 30 April 2017 and announce the chosen companies by email and via the website.

In order to provide the part(s), you must source the materials, provide certificates of conformance that set out the part, original material certificate and any material or surface treatments required by the part.

When the parts are received by Bloodhound, you will become an official Bloodhound Product Sponsor, with all the rights associated with being a sponsor. 


Bloodhound continues to make progress. 

Work has continued on the control systems, with tests carried out on the jet fuel system, AirStart and steering control.

Following the unveiling of the car in 2015 at London's Canary Warf, the car was stripped back down to component level, inspected and rebuilt.

The jet fuel tanks have been finished and tested thanks to Advanced Fuel Systems and with tests carried out at Newquay Airport, the system has been signed off. 

The steering of the car presents its own challenges. The steering rack, provided by Titan, will have the addition of a power system. The Control System Team is working on ensuring that the system is sensitive enough to cope with the two main states it will need to work in.

Both at subsonic and supersonic speeds, the steering function will go from being very heavy to very light. Driver Andy Green and the Control System Team are now working to establish at what point this happens and how to react accordingly. 

Bloodhound have also been working on the system to start the EJ200 Eurofighter engine.

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