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Bloodhound SSC: Your chance to become part of history

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Engineers are being given the chance to design parts for the Bloodhound SSC which aims to break the world land speed record and surpass a speed of 1000mph.

The car still needs a number of turned, milled and fabricated parts. Bloodhound will release engineering part-drawings and CAD data to their website on 31 March, where you can submit your offer by email, detailing your company’s expertise, the parts you’d like to make and lead time.

Bloodhound will review all offers by 30 April 2017 and announce the chosen companies by email and via the website.

In order to provide the part(s), you must source the materials, provide certificates of conformance that set out the part, original material certificate and any material or surface treatments required by the part.

When the parts are received by Bloodhound, you will become an official Bloodhound Product Sponsor, with all the rights associated with being a sponsor. 


The team plans to conduct a static test of the EJ200 jet engine this summer, at Newquay Aerohub. The car will then be tested on the runway, at speeds of up to 200mph, later this year.

Meanwhile, the rocket development programme is also ongoing and the latest motor will be tested this autumn. Work on it will continue through to mid 2018. 

For the first world land speed record attempt, the rocket specification has been changed. 

Bloodhound will now carry a monopropellant rocket (which injects High Test Peroxide, or HTP, through a catalyst to produce superheated steam), rather than a single hybrid motor (which features a secondary solid fuel embedded into the rocket tube which is burnt by the steam). 

The team believe this will generate more thrust yet still fit within the existing space envelope in the car. It is also a technically simpler solution. 

With a target output of 45Kn, it will be one of the largest HTP rockets produced in Europe, producing the equivalent of c. 70,000 thrust hp. The extra power will provide the engineers with a useful performance margin should the weight of the final car increase compared with early computer estimates.

Bloodhound expects to begin its first World Land Speed Record campaign in the second half of 2018.


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