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Climate Change Bulletin


15 -22 July 2014

Prepared by the IMechE Information and Library Service


George Osborne defeated in attempt to weaken UK carbon budget

(Guardian) Jul 22, 2014

Ed Davey says legally-binding target for 2023-2027 – the most ambitious in the developed world – will not change.


Cabinet reshuffle: Chancellor's allies Matt Hancock and Amber Rudd join energy department 
(Telegraph) Jul 15, 2014

Two allies of George Osborne have been appointed as ministers in the Department of Energy and Climate Change, prompting suggestions the Treasury is seeking to tighten its grip on green energy spending.


Political meddling is damaging UK's low-carbon energy sector, CBI warns 
(Click Green) Jul 17, 2014

Short-term thinking is distorting the debate on the UK’s energy future, risking investment and opportunity, a conference of business leaders and politicians will be told today.


Planning approvals for renewable energy sites drops by 20%
(Click Green) Jul 21, 2014

Ministerial intervention and planning reforms have resulted in a 20% drop in approvals for wind turbines and solar farms in the countryside over the last year, a new report launched today by the Campaign to Protect Rural England (CPRE) concludes.


Tidal lagoon renewable energy plants could add £27bn to UK economy 
(Blue & Green Tomorrow) Jul 16, 2014

A new wave of six tidal lagoon power plants could contribute £27 billion to the UK economy over a 12-year period starting in 2015, according to a new study.


Cities 'should generate green energy', says think tank 
(BBC) Jul 17, 2014

Cities should invest in green energy production to compete with the main UK energy suppliers, a centre-left think tank has recommended.

Shale gas reserves in the North West 'worth £10bn' 
(BBC) Jul 21, 2014

Shale gas reserves in part of the North West could be worth £10bn to the economy and support up to 3,500 jobs, a report has claimed.

Global renewable energy investment up 33% in second quarter of 2014 
(Blue & Green Tomorrow) Jul 18, 2014

Global investment in renewable energy increased 33% in the second quarter of 2014, thanks largely to the record-breaking $3.8 billion (£2.2bn) secured by an offshore wind farm in the North Sea, according to Bloomberg New Energy.


UK falls to 6th place in energy efficiency rankings 
(Blue & Green Tomorrow) Jul 18, 2014

The UK has lost the top spot it earned in the energy efficiency rankings in 2012 and fallen to 6th place, with Germany now ranking number one. 


Green Deal cashback scheme to close next week as initial funding runs dry 
(Click Green) Jul 15, 2014

The first wave of the Green Deal Home Improvement Fund (GDHIF) has less than a week of allocated funding at current cashback levels remaining before the initial pot of £50 million runs dry.


UK industry offered £10m to improve energy efficiency and reduce demand 
(Click Green) Jul 17, 2014

Business, industry and other organisations will get help to cut their energy costs with £10 million available this year to improve efficiency and reduce energy demand, Energy Secretary Ed Davey announced today. He also unveiled new plans that will remove barriers to investment in energy infrastructure.

Sustainable transport: growth of UK car industry driven by climate change policies 
(Blue & Green Tomorrow) Jul  15, 2014

Policies focused on cutting carbon emissions have played a crucial role in getting the UK’s stalling automotive sector back on the road, according to a new report.


Population Growth

WRAP chief calls for UK to aim for food waste-free future

(Edie) Jul 17, 2014

The UK needs to take bolder steps in tackling food waste to help future generations avoid resource scarcity challenges, according to WRAP chief executive Liz Goodwin.

Sustainable and ecological agriculture could feed 3bn more people

(Blue & Green Tomorrow) Jul  18, 2014
Key measures in the agriculture sector could significantly increase the amount of food produced in the world, ensuring nutriment to the growing global population and reducing the environmental footprint of farming, a new report has suggested.

Food, population and the post-2015 development agenda

(Devex) Jul 17, 2014

Robert Walker, President of the Population Institute: Meeting the growing demand for food may be the world’s single greatest challenge, but it is part of a much larger complex of problems, all relating to the overuse of our planet and, ultimately, to the larger challenge posed by population growth.


'Peak soil' threatens future global food security

(Reuters) Jul 17, 2014

The challenge of ensuring future food security as populations grow and diets change has its roots in soil, but the increasing degradation of the earth's thin skin is threatening to push up food prices and increase deforestation.


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