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Electricity Storage Policy Statement

Increasing the proportion of UK electricity supply from renewable energy sources is a critical part of achieving a sustainable energy framework for the nation. As wind and solar power are intermittent forms of generation, when the proportion of these sources increases in the mix, additional measures are needed to maintain a safe and efficient balance between electricity supply and demand on the power system. This position statement examines the role that electricity storage could play in our future networks.

Dinorwig Power Station Denis Egan


The Institution of Mechanical Engineers urges Government to adopt the following recommendations:
1. Support actions to identify the true system benefit of electricity storage. As a matter of priority the UK’s Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) should carry out a detailed analysis to estimate the realistic requirements for electricity storage across the whole UK power system and its corresponding value to the nation.
2. Develop policy frameworks that reward the value of electricity storage in the UK’s power markets. The UK Government’s Electricity Market Reform (EMR), which is examining and revising the commercial and regulatory structure of the nation’s electricity market, should take into account the unique nature of electricity storage and remunerate investors and operators accordingly.
3. Encourage and support UK development of storage technologies for exploitation in world markets. The UK Government should advance the commercial-scale demonstration of electricity storage technologies in the UK, and thereby create technical value that UK companies can exploit in markets worldwide.

To read the full policy statement, click here.

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