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BSI standards

Updates & Amendments

BSI is the National Standards Body of the UK, with a globally recognized reputation for independence, integrity and innovation in the production of standards that promote best practice. It develops and sells standards and standardization solutions to meet the needs of business and society.

The Institution has representatives on committees with BSI - as well as BSI representatives on Industry committees within the Institution.

The websites below are a direct link to both standards within development, and new proposals for standards.  Please follow the links to comment on any of the Standards, or contact BSI.

Standards Development

The Information Portal provides a more user-friendly way for people to access information relating to the Standards work portfolio - committees, Standards in development, their current stages and Standards published. In essence it expands and updates our current Project Line offering.

There is still some work ongoing to improve the data contained on the site and update certain parts so it is "work-in-hand" but is now publicly visible and useable.

Standards Proposals

The New Proposals area provides public access to new proposals for and revisions of Standards, including International, European and National proposals. The link to the proposal on the system can be disseminated to interested parties and it is hoped that this tool will provide greater visibility of proposed work programmes, increase the transparency of the standardisation process and enable input from a wider audience than we are currently able to reach, for example SME and in new fields of technological development and potentially identify new committee participants.

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