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Intellectual Property Resources

The internet offers a virtual goldmine for patent research. We have assembled a few of the better sources to kickstart your research.

UK Patent databases
Intellectual Property information gateways
Social bookmarking links
IP articles
IMechE Library books

Patent databases

Patent Lens
Patent Lens is 'an independent, public-good global resource for increasing patent transparency'.

UK Patent Office
Responsible for Intellectual Property (Copyright, Designs, Patents and Trade Marks) in the UK.

A service provided by the German Patent and Trade Mark Office. Conduct online searches in patent publications from around the world stored in the database of DEPATIS, the in-house patent information system of the German Patent and Trade Mark Office.


The European Patent Office gateway.

US Patent full-text search database
Offers text searches of the entire patent specification.

Google Patents Database
Search the full text of the US patent corpus and find patents that interest you.

Intellectual Property information gateways

The British Library patents homepage
Probably one of the most comprehensive gateways to quality IP information on the internet. Also offers a range of services to business. Includes a patents helpdesk for submitting enquiries to the Library's patents information team and clinics for training in searching.

UK Intellectual Property on the internet
Aims to bring you all the answers to your questions and all the resources you need to find your way through the IP jungle of copyright, designs, patents and trade marks.

Libraries in the UK that can help with patent research.

Patent Alert
A free e-mail publication for people interested in patents (US-centric). Upon subscribing, you will receive periodic updates about inventions recently patented in the United States.

Includes a collection of articles from a variety of sources giving information on problems with the patenting process and patent validity. Lists invalidated along with studies of the costs of patent-related legal cases.

Patently Absurd
Anyone who has made an invention can apply for a patent. Most patents describe serious inventions, which represent technological progress in the field concerned. But not always. People patent some pretty weird and wacky ideas..

Social bookmarking links

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IP articles

Searching Patents on Government Databases on the Web
Ron Kaminecki

You have an idea that you wish to patent but are uncertain of how to conduct a proper search of the literature (aka a search of the prior art) so that you can determine if your idea is novel.

You may have heard that searching patents is difficult, but it is possible to do a reasonable search inexpensively on the internet if you spend sufficient time at the appropriate websites and you know of some of the nuances of the patent system.

Patent Searching Without Words - Why Do It, How To Do It?
Stephen Adams

Support tools for learning patent classifications cannot be said to be the most user-friendly, although they have improved in recent years. However, taking a little effort to learn about this alternative method of searching can pay real dividends in improving the precision and recall of your searches.

IMechE Library books

The following books are all available via the IMechE Library.

Title: Commercial exploitation of intellectual property
Names: Pearson, H E (Author); Miller, C (Author)
Publication: London : Blackstone, 1990
ISBN 1854310445

Title: Copyright, designs and patents act 1988
Publication: London : HMSO, 1988
Chapter 48
ISBN: 0105448885

Title: Design of devices and systems
Names: Middendorf, W H (Author)
Publication: New York : Dekker, 1990

Title: Design protection: a practical guide to the law on plagiarism for manufacturers and designers
Names: Johnston, D (Author); Design Council (Corp Auth)
Publication: Aldershot : Gower, 1995
ISBN: 0566075539

Title: Intellectual property: a manager's guide
Names: Irish, V (Editor)
Publication: Maidenhead : McGraw Hill, 1991
ISBN: 0077073460

Title: Introduction to patents information
Names: Dulken, S V (Author); British Library (Corp Auth)
Publication: London : British Library, 1998
ISBN: 0712308385

Title: Patents, copyrights, trademarks
Names: Foster, F H (Author); Shook, R (Author)
Publication: New York, 1993 ; United States and Chichester : Wiley, NULL
ISBN: 0471581240

Title: Who invented what: with a focus on ten top technologies
Names: Dickinson, M (Author)
Publication: Connecticut, United States : Opus Publications, 1993
ISBN: 0940983036

Title: What every engineer should know about patents
Names: Konold, W G (Author); Tittel, B (Author); Frei, D F (Author); Stallard, D S (Author)
Publication: New York : Dekker, 1989
ISBN: 0824780108

Title: The practical guide to patents: trade marks copyright designs
Names: Shaw, L (Author)
Publication: Edgbaston : Bilgrey Samson, 1996
ISBN: 0950855928

Title: The inventor's guide - how to protect and profit from your idea
Names: British Library Patents Information Team (ed)
Publication: Aldershot : Gower, 1997
ISBN: 0566079941

Title: Register of patent agents. Copyright, Designs Patents Act 1988
Names: CIPA (Corp Auth)
Publication: London : Chartered Institute of Patent Agents, 2000

Title: Protecting and exploiting new technology and designs
Names: Hodkinson, K (Author)
Pages/Sizes: 422pp; 24cm;
Publication: London : E & F N Spon, 1987
ISBN: 041913820X

Title: Licensing technology and patents: with special reference to the manufacturing and process industries
Names: Parker, V (Author); IChemE (Corp Auth)
Publication: Rugby : Institution of Chemical Engineers, 1991
ISBN: 0852952775

Title: Intellectual property
Names: Miller, A R (Author); Davis, M (Author)
Publication: St. Paul, United States : West Group, 2000
Nutshell series
ISBN: 0314235191

Title: Intellectual property rights for engineers: the legal protection of innovation
Names: Irish, V (Author)
Publication: London : Institution of Electrical Engineers, 1994
IEE management of technology series 16
ISBN: 0852968108

Title: How to find information: patents on the internet
Names: Newton, D (Author); British Library (Corp Auth)
Publication: London : British Library, 2000
ISBN: 0712308644

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