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Conference Papers

FileTypeSizeUploaded onOpen
VISION AWARDS ALL 2010PDF198.75 KB18 Feb, 2013 Open
IMECHE SPEN KING AWARD 12_10 FINALPDF137.18 KB18 Feb, 2013 Open
9_Recent challenges in the aerodynamic development of turbocharger compressors for gasoline passenger carsPDF147.57 KB18 Feb, 2013 Open
8_Development of ported shroud compressor housing with reduced compressor blade pass source acoustic levelPDF717.82 KB18 Feb, 2013 Open
7_The effect of air inlet system features on automotive turbocharger compressor performancePDF415.87 KB18 Feb, 2013 Open
6_Testing and qualification of two-stage turbocharging systemsPDF828.65 KB18 Feb, 2013 Open
5_Measurement of interstage losses of a two-stage turbocharger system in a turbocharger test rigPDF2.00 MB18 Feb, 2013 Open
4_Boosting technology for euro VI and tier 4 final heavy duty diesel engines without NOx aftertreatmentPDF4.00 MB18 Feb, 2013 Open
35_Design and development of a turbo-expander for charge air coolingPDF915.73 KB18 Feb, 2013 Open
34_Turbine performance studies for automotive turbochargersPDF861.58 KB18 Feb, 2013 Open

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