STMG: How we are governed

The activities of the Structural Technology and Materials Group (STMG) Committee relate to materials testing, materials behaviour modelling, numerical stress analysis, theoretical and experimental stress analysis, and their relationship to design, structural integrity and component life assessment methods. A wide range of materials, including steel, aluminium alloys, fibre reinforced composites, metal matrix composites and ceramics, are of interest. 

The Group aims to disseminate information related to the fatigue, fracture, creep, creep/fatigue, corrosion etc, of the above materials and the effects which manufacturing processes have on these material properties to its members. This is achieved by the organisation of seminars, conferences and short courses on these topics. 

In order to ensure that STMG's activities have a direct relevance to current industrial and academic research, there are representatives from a wide range of companies and organisations.

The committee welcomes suggestions on how to improve the service it provides to the membership.

STMG Committee 

Prof Simon Quinn - Chairman

University of Southampton

Dr Daniele Dini - Vice Chairman

Imperial College London

Mr Richard Davey - Past Chairman

R-PAD Technology Ltd

Prof Adib Becker - Past Chairman

 University of Nottingham

Dr Bamber Blackman - Past Chairman

Imperial College

Mr Ahmed Al-Saadi

University of Sheffield

Prof Janice Barton

University of Southampton

Dr Ke-Shen Cheong

British Energy

Dr Ian Goodall

Prof Tom Hyde

University of Nottingham

Mr Tim Morris


Dr Simon Smith

The Welding Institute  

Dr Mike Winstone

Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining

Mrs Louise Wright

National Physical Laboratory 

Prof Tony Atkins - Corresponding Member

University of Reading

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