How we are governed

Powertrain Systems and Fuels Group

Aims and Objectives

  • Organise and promote a technical activity programme based on the customer's perceived needs of education, dissemination of information and technology transfer
  • Promote and discuss emerging technologies pertinent to the committee's sphere of activity
  • Promote the education, training and continuing professional development of engineers
  • Promote the status of both the Chartered Engineer and the membership of Institution as the premier level of validated competence
  • Develop greater collaboration with other engineering institutions and technical organisations
  • Promote the Institution as the body of influence within the UK, and to develop and enhance the interaction between the Group and industry, academia and Government bodies
  • Develop and maintain a greater liaison and feedback with the combustion engines membership of Institution


Professor Hua Zhao, Brunel University London

Immediate Past Chair

Dr Roy Horrocks

Past Chair

Dr Kian Banisoleiman, Lloyd's Register EMEA


Dr Roger Cracknell, Shell Global Solutions UK

Mr Charles Cunnell, Perkins Engines

Mr David Entwistle, Caterpillar

Mr Richard Judge, Delphi Diesel Systems

Mr David Lindley, IET representative

Dr Bernadette Longridge, AVL Powertrain

Dr Ricardo Martinez Botas, Imperial College London

Professor Paul Shayler, University of Nottingham

Mr Keith Michael, Tata Motors

Mr Richard Osborn, Ricardo

Mr David Rogers,  Kistler Instrumente AG

Mr Steve Sapsford, Ricardo

Professor Paul Shayler, University of Nottingham

Mr Alan Tolley, JCB Power Systems

Mr Martyn Twigg, Consultant

Mr John Williams, BP International Ltd