About the Powertrain systems and fuels group

The Powertrain Systems and Fuels Group represents 12,000 of our members who have an interest in internal combustion engine systems and associated technologies.

These systems can range from high-speed race engines and passenger car & commercial vehicle engines to medium- and slow-speed diesel engines used in rail traction, power generation and marine industries.

The primary interest is in engine-system design to improve performance, emissions and durability to achieve the efficiency aspirations and environmental regulations.

Related technologies include: new materials, alternative fuels, injection systems, combustion chamber optimisation, pressure charging systems, air management, engine management systems, electrification and hybrid systems.

The group aims to:

  • Deliver international conferences and seminars to disseminate information on current trends and emerging technologies
  • Promote the education, training and continuing professional development of engineers
  • Develop and enhance the interaction with industry, academia and Government bodies
  • Promote membership and professional registration to engineers working in this field
  • Collaborate with other engineering institutions and technical organisations
  • Develop and maintain the network of engineers working in internal combustion

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