About the Energy, Environment and Sustainability Group (EESG)

The Energy, Environment and Sustainability Group (EESG) supports a vision of a long-term, sustainable future.

The group aims to enable mechanical engineers to deliver the engineering solutions that are required for the transition from current unsustainable practices to interim options and long-term sustainable solutions. It supports employers, policy-makers, investors, educators and other key stakeholders.

The EESG is the natural intellectual home for engineers who want to learn about sustainability engineering. We cover climate change, resource depletion including peak oil, ecosystem reclamation and the challenges of increasing population; and policymakers, industry, academia and students turn to us as a source of expertise, vision, direction and solutions.

Our activities include:

  • Research
  • Activities across all our divisions and groups and the regions to promote and support sustainability, including seminars, exhibitions and talks
  • Engagement with the government and other policymakers to influence decisions
  • Expert meetings, debates, and courses
  • Promotion of sustainability with other stakeholders such as the Engineering Council, and other professional institutions
  • Representing the Institution on the board of the Society for the Environment
  • Understanding the potential of emerging technologies and encouraging dissemination
  • Engagement with universities

The EESG comprises approximately 21,045 of our members and is led by a Board who have expertise in each of the three areas: the Group evolved from part of the Environmental and Safety Engineering Group, and incorporates the former Energy Committee and Pollution Prevention technical activity committee.

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