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2017 participant team - Adept

The Home Automation Challenge is organised by the Institution’s Manufacturing Industries Division’s, Young Members Committee. The challenge provides a brilliant opportunity for talented apprentices to compete in an innovative design and manufacturing challenge to improve an everyday home or garden device. 

The Challenge is open to teams of apprentices from companies, colleges and training providers of engineering and manufacturing technologies. Teams are required to design and manufacture a product to automate a task in the home or garden. In addition, participants will be asked to submit a report which is to include a design specification, manufacturing instructions, user manual and a business case for the mass production and sale of the product.  

The prototypes will be judged at a finals event which takes place in July at the Manufacturing Technology Centre, Coventry, where the Home Automation Challenge champion will be crowned. 

Watch the 2017 Home Automation Challenge.

If you are keen to take part in the Home Automation Challenge 2019, please get in touch, email:  hac@imechenearyou.org.

Meet the 2018 teams and their prototypes

  • Haven - Aston Martin: Smart parcel box

  • Curt & Rod - Leonardo Airborne & Space Systems: Automatic blinds

  • Endeavour - Manufacturing Technology Centre: Automated pill dispenser

  • The Pillgrims - Leonardo Airborne & Space Systems: M.A.D.D.Y. Mechanical automated drug delivery

  • Top Cat - PA Consulting Group: Automated pet station

  • WMTCA - Manufacturing Technology Centre: i-Mirror. 

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2017 participant team - Adept

The Challenge

Teams of apprentices are challenged to design and make a product for automating a process in the home or garden.

Teams must demonstrate engineering competence according to EC UK-SPEC for EngTech by:

  • Designing a product and prototype a working model
  • Providing a design specification, manufacturing instructions and user manual
  • Providing a business case for the mass production and sale of the product.

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