Energy, Environment and Sustainability Group Prize

The Energy, Environment and Sustainability Group annual prize is to be awarded to a Mechanical Engineer who has taken significant steps to bridge the gap between an unsustainable present and a more sustainable future.

Award conditions

The award will be measured by considering achievement in the development of sustainable projects, products and processes. Where appropriate the achievement of a group of engineers can be recognised with the value of the prize split accordingly.

The prize will be presented at the Group’s Annual Lecture, normally held in December. The Group will encourage the prize recipient to make a presentation of their achievements to members at an appropriate event at or within six months of receiving the prize.

The maximum value of the prize is £1,000. One or more recipients, up to a maximum of four, can be chosen. The individual value of an award will be determined by the EESG Board.


Call for nominations: 1 January
Deadline for nominations: 1 March
Review of nominations and award proposal: 31 March
Submission of proposed award to Awards Committee: 14 April
Decision of Awards Committee and Trustee Board: 30 June
Notify winner: 29 September
Presentation of prize: EESG Annual Lecture, December


Nominations for the prize award must be made by a third party. Self-nominations will not be accepted. Nominations are not restricted to members of the Institution. The individual or group being nominated must not be informed that they are being considered until a decision has been made and ratified by the Institution.


Proposals for a prize award must include the following:

  • A brief personal sketch of the candidate(s)
  • A summary of their personal achievements in the fields of Energy, Environment and Sustainability
  • A justification for the award of the prize

A proposal should not normally run to more than one side of A4.


Judging of nominations and selection of the successful candidate will be carried out by a Judging Committee drawn from the members of the EESG Group Board. The recommendation of the Judging Committee will be subject to ratification by the Group Board.

Nominations should be returned to Debbie Salacuri at by 1 March 2017.