Thomas Lowe Gray Prize

The Thomas Lowe Gray Prize (Serial 213) is funded from The General Fund.

Trust Conditions:

A Bequest in 1924 of £2,000 under the Will of Thomas Lowe Gray, Member 1879-1923. The bequest was to be used to fund either a Prize or Prizes to the author(s) of any original paper(s) dealing with Marine Engineering, published by the Institution during the preceding year, or for a special lecture dealing with Marine Engineering to be known as the "Thomas Lowe Gray Lecture", or as a grant in aid of any research connected with Marine Engineering, or to any one or more of the above

Award Conditions:

Awarded to the author(s) of an original paper on Marine Engineering published by the Institution during the preceding year. Papers dealing with any matters which might find an application in the marine environment are eligible.

Number of Awards: 1

Value of Awards:



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