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Stephen BeckStephen Beck is a graduate in Mechanical Engineering (Bath University). After graduation he worked at Fermilab in Chicago where he developed software to control anti-protons. He was awarded his PhD in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Sheffield where he is now Professor of Mechanical Engineering. His research includes flow measurement, leak detection, heat transfer and building performance.

He has won a number of teaching awards for his enthusiasm and innovative approaches. He has lead others in the quality enhancement of teaching and was Faculty Director of Learning and Teaching from 2008-2014. During this time he introduced cross disciplinary teaching, faculty wide interdisciplinary project weeks and a CPD scheme for lecturers. He was instrumental in helping to design and commission Sheffield’s £86M multidisciplinary Engineering teaching building, where he now overseas most of the practical teaching for the Faculty of Engineering. He is currently providing academic oversight and leadership for a degree level apprentice education scheme with the University’s Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre.

Since becoming an IMechE Fellow in 2002, Stephen has been active in a number of roles. He has conducted membership interviews, sat on the Academic Assessment Committee and the Academic Standards Panel. He then joined the Academic Standards Committee (which is responsible for the accreditation of Mechanical Engineering courses) where he is has just finished as Chair. During this time, he worked to ensure that the committee runs more efficiently and takes greater control over its business. He has also led the Committee in issuing guidance to universities to help them approach curriculum design. This helps them understand what the Institution is looking for when they accredit degrees and also promotes a great consistency among the accreditation panels.  He was previously a member of Council and of the Qualifications and Membership Board.  

He is currently Chair of the Qualifications and Membership Board.

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