Our trustee board

Our Trustee Board governs and controls the Institution. The President is the chair. Our Corporate Members elect our trustees and elections are held every year. The Trustee Board typically meets six times a year and trustees are expected to attend most, if not all, board meetings. It is also customary for trustees to attend Council meetings.

The Charity Commission, our Royal Charter and By Laws 2014, our Trustee Role Profile and our Trustee Code of Conduct set out the responsibilities of the Trustee Board.

Trustee Board 2017-18


Carolyn Griffiths


Geoff Baker


Professor Stephen Beck
Dr Clive Hickman
Eur Ing Ian Joesbury
Rob Smith

International Vice-President

Professor Alan Lau

Ordinary Members

Heather Clarke
Dr Patrick Finlay
John Lowe
Phil Peel ** 
Helena Rivers
Salma Suleyman ***

Ex-Officio members

Gavin Kerby (YMB representative)
Council representative – by rotation


Notes: **Member ordinarily resident overseas     ***Member under 30


Our President holds office for one year. Our President-Elect holds office for one year and then becomes our President.

The President–Elect and Vice-Presidents are expected to chair one of our key boards, to also serve on a board or committee, to head various studies, to represent the President at events or visits, and to represent us on external boards and committees. Ordinary members are expected to serve on one or more of the key boards.

Read the Trustee Board Code of Conduct
Read the Guidelines for submitting a paper to the Trustee Board
Read the Trustee role profile


Trustee Board meeting dates 2018-19
21 March 2018
18 April 2018
20 June 2018
1 August 2018
26 September 2018
5 December 2018
20 March 2019
17 April 2019

Trustee Board Report and Annual Accounts

To find out how we are improving the world through engineering, meeting our strategic objectives and about our annual accounts you can download the Trustee Board's report and annual accounts for the year ended 31 Dec 2016. If you would like a printed version of this document, contact the Trustee Department on Tel: +44 (0)20 7973 1311.

Or find out how we are improving the world through engineering and meeting our strategic objectives in our latest Annual Review.

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