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About the Institution

The Institution of Mechanical Engineers (IMechE) is one of the fastest growing professional engineering institutions. Headquartered in London, but with operations around the world, the Institution has over 111,000 members in more than 140 countries, working at the heart of the most important and dynamic industries.

With a 160-year heritage supporting us and Her Majesty the Queen as our patron, today’s Institution is a forward-looking, campaigning organisation. By working with leading companies, universities and think tanks, we create and share knowledge to provide government, businesses and the public with fresh thinking and authoritative guidance on all aspects of mechanical engineering.

We truly believe we can improve the world through engineering. So the Institution finds and nurtures new talent, helping engineers build their careers and take on the challenges that, when solved, will make a difference to all of us.

In the UK, engineering has achieved great successes, but in a quiet way. We’re looking to shout about the achievements of our members and the industry, taking a positive, inspiring message into schools and out into the media. By being independent of both government and business, and avoiding strategic relationships with single-issue bodies or pressure groups, we can deliver genuinely impartial advice in a passionately committed manner.

As an Institution, we focus on five principal themes which affect and are affected by our engineers:


We promote sustainable energy use and engineering sustainable supply.  We need to share knowledge, change the way we behave and drive advances in technology to reduce the strain on the world’s resources. We champion the development of more sustainable sources of energy which will also help reduce emissions.


We promote economic growth while adapting to the demands of climate change, global population growth and the depletion of natural resources.  We need to minimise waste, pollution and our impact on the world around us. We must also adapt the way we do things to cope with the climate changes that are already underway.


We promote safe, efficient transport systems to ensure less congestion and emissions.  To advance, travel must be made cleaner, safer and easier. That means creating a better understanding of global transport supply and demand, while keeping a sharp focus on the implications on carbon emissions.


Supporting product innovation, developing a nation’s economic growth and increasing global trade.  Through campaigns to government such as Engineered in Britain, we show that a growing and thriving manufacturing sector will provide future economic growth, wealth and prosperity.



We inspire, prepare and support tomorrow’s engineers so we can respond to society’s challenges. Engineers will come up with the solutions that will make a brighter future for everyone. That’s why it’s so important that the industry not only prospers, but grows. We’re committed to inspiring the next generation of engineers who can rise to the challenge.

It’s no secret that there’s a real shortage of engineers. We go to great lengths to promote the profession at grass roots level, engaging with the next generation of mechanical engineers to build a brighter future for us all.  Initiatives we own or are involved in to achieve this include:

Every year, we give Scholarships and Awards worth in excess of £400,000 to help nurture the UK’s engineering talent. The Institution’s Prizes and Awards Fund offers amounts ranging from £250 to £10,000. We celebrate the successes of the most inspirational students through the Vision Awards which take place in September.

Events and training

The Institution is committed to providing the best possible service for its members, ensuring that they have the skills, knowledge, support and development advice they need at every stage of their career. Throughout the year, we organise a comprehensive series of events (technical conferences, seminars, workshops and social functions) which are designed by engineers for engineers. Our video On Demand service gives you access to expert video content on a range of engineering topics. Our dedicated Learning and Development enables our members to navigate successfully through their initial professional registration, and then helps engineers to retain their competencies and keep their skills up to date through structured learning throughout their working lives.

Our members and supporters make us who we are. Together we can improve the world through engineering. 

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