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YMB Photo competition

The Young Member’s Board presents:

2012 Engineering Photography Competition
“Mechanical Engineering: It’s not what you think.”

Overall winner and winner of the Primary age category

 The brake of a car

 This photo was taken by Callan Toal and Jonathan Dunn from Bankton Primary School in West Lothian. 

 This is what they said about their picture:

"This is a picture of Bankton Primary school's kit car.  It is made of wood, rubber, metal and plastic. It is a cool and fast piece of mechanical engineering. In this picture you can see the brake."

What the judges said:

"Details of mechanical devices are often important and sometimes hidden from the casual observer.  This image shows off a disc brake very well and also puts it in context with the rest of the vehicle" Paul Gerrier

"A fantastically composed photograph and an interesting and quirky angle - focussing on a component of the car rather than just the photo of the car itself."
James Hobbs


Highly commended in the Primary Secondary


What Maisie said:

"Hello my name is Maisie I would like to enter the competition. I go to Joydens Wood Junior school. I took a photo of my mum's watch. This is what I wrote about it.
When I think of engineering I think of things like the Bloodhound project. Often you think of engineering as big machines. You sometimes think a watch is quite basic engineering but the back of my mum's watch shows how complex it is. When I see it working it fascinates me. Watches appear in everyday life, you can tell the time wherever you go and life is run by time. In the old days people thought clocks and watches were amazing but now we take things like this for granted because the world of engineering has come so far."

What the judges said

"This is a really arresting image and the narrow depth of field brings the mechanism of the wacth to life - a good demonstrator of mechanical engineering"
James Hobbs

"The standard of photography is good and the reason for taking it very intersting"
Paul Guerrier

IMechE member


Winner of the Member category was Graham Shirley with this photograph of a tea bag.

What Graham said "It's more than a tea bag. It's the pinnacle of a pyramid of engineering, but invisible to you. Part of your life: you pick it up in the shops and use it to quench your thirst. Your purchase powers a network of people and families around the world, each dependent on mechanical engineering to make a living. the tea bag is british through and through. Made today in the UK on UK designed and constructed machinery"


What the judges said "A surprise image that really grabs the attention."


Highly commended in the member category

This photo was taken by Sam Bemment AIMechE he said "I think engineering is never noticed. Those things you never worry about, those which do their job every day without fail.  Those things which you come to rely on, perhaps without a thought for the genius hidden within their design....All these skydivers have special jumpsuits, engineered to allow bodies of many different sizes and shapes to fall at exactly the same rate.  All have just left aircraft with turbine engines, flying in tight formation at 15000ft - themselves the results of thousands of hours of effort from very talented engineers"


What the judges said "A great shot" and "A technically demanding image to capture"

Secondary category




This photo was taken by Toby Smith who is in Year 8.  Toby said "I was lucky enough to visit Caterham Cars which is where I took this picture of the newly designed and engineered carbon fibre turbo engineer. This new lightweight, very fast engine shows how the boundaries of engineering are being pushed further".

What the judges said: "This was the only submission to feature an engine. Despite the difficulties of getting up close, the complexity of the components come across".


Highly commended


This photo was taken by Layla Jones. "I chose to submit this picture because it is an interesting angle and it shows how mechanical engineering can be simplistic and intricate. The clock is an electro-mechanical device, showing that mechanical engineering can work effectively with electricity. The clock is a master of precision"


What the judges said "A very interesting and different subject choice coupled with an unexpected camera angle makes this a winner for me. The blurring of the pendulum adds some motion to the composition"

Toby Smith (Caterham Engine) receives his award form his Headteacher!


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