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TRIZ for a post-pandemic world

Use TRIZ strategies to remove trial-and-error from problem solving processes so you can find better, faster and more resilient solutions.

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Use TRIZ strategies to remove trial-and-error from problem solving processes so you can find better, faster and more resilient solutions.

The world has changed in the last month. It has become clear that many of our business, logistics and processes have been too tightly coupled. Everything is connected to everything else, such that the moment one thing gets disrupted, everything else is affected.

The age of continuous improvement has visibly demonstrated the dangers of continuously improving too far. Greater efficiency has come at the cost of tragically impaired resilience.

So what happens in the new world in which we now find ourselves? Firstly, we need different tools and different ways of looking at the world. The only way to make sense of a step-change world is through step-change tools.

The ability to see, manage and transcend step-change sits at the heart of the TRIZ methodology. The 70-year pedigree of the method is built around the world’s biggest study of the innovation process. ‘Someone, somewhere already solved your problem’ is one of the key findings of the research.

In a world of a thousand new problems a day, there is no time to re-invent wheels. TRIZ offers systematic strategies for taking the trial-and-error out of the problem solving process, enabling better, faster, more resilient solutions. Find out more in this one-hour webinar.

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Who should attend?

Engineers, managers and scientists finding themselves transplanted into the new world.

How will I benefit?

Crises always bring winners and losers. Nearly always, the winners are the innovators. This webinar is about transferring systematic innovation skills.

Contributes 1 CPD hour

Key topics

  • Strategies for dealing with complex and chaotic situations
  • how to define better problems
  • how to tap into databases of existing solutions

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