Product lifecycle


To ensure that all aspects of your product lifecycle are optimised to meeting customer requirements for quality, cost and lead time.

As product lifecycles get shorter and customer demands become more diverse, businesses are pressed to release products faster and more frequently onto the market, considering not only functional requirements but also related services and efficient supply chains.

A mismatch between product design and manufacturing causes launch delays and unavoidable increase in costs. Effective design–manufacturing integration and timely communication, however, avoids design rework and achieves better product fit for the manufacturing system.

Our courses have been designed to equip those involved in the product lifecycle to take a holistic view and consider requirements of every stage in the design and development of products, their supply chain and manufacture.

An incredibly informative course, that addresses a grossly overlooked subject matter. The course focuses on changing mindsets and improving soft skills that generate barriers to successful reviews.

Alan Sanderson Design Reviews attendee, October 2018


  • Supply chains: Introduction

    Face-to-face and virtual

    Optimise supply chain performance using key concepts and principles used in end-to-end supply chain management.


  • Sustainable product lifecycle design

    Face-to-face only

    Understand how to apply sustainable design considerations for projects, production and supply chains within systems.


  • Value engineering

    Face-to-face and virtual

    Develop the knowledge, understanding and skills required to undertake the value engineering process with a focus on the engineering, product and service sectors.


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