Peter Chadwick

FIMechE: Engineer, Project Manager and Coach since 2010. With 35 years of experience in international engineering companies, Peter specialises in enabling success in situations where collective intelligence, transcultural savvy and an agile mindset are key.

Altitude: a powerful resource as we search to resolve issues and advance our projects. With increasing height, terrain becomes easier to read, opportunities and constraints clearer and options for action emerge with startling clarity. After an initial career as an engineer and project manager and latterly as an experienced and insightful coach, Peter honed skills in the human element of project success through collective and transcultural intelligence. He has also flown an aircraft for 3 decades and really enjoys sharing the view of our planet from above with others, drawing parallels and insights that this different perspective affords to support you in moving forwards.  As your action-focused Coach, Peter takes great pleasure to help coachees gain altitude and increase visibility of project landscape. His mission is to provide you with concrete steps and processes to help you overcome challenges and meet your goals. By facilitating heightened awareness, options emerge which will lead you to take positive action and ensure your project success.

Coaching approach

Each coaching session is unique and is completely focused and adapted to you, the Client. Above all Peter will listen, question, guide and challenge. We have at our disposal international best practices in both predictive and agile project management as a foundation for our work, and Peter will weave these in to support you in creating a workable strategy.

Based on this foundation, together with Peter, you will concentrate on you as a person within your project situation: your fundamental well-being; your freedom, dreams and opportunities; your constraints, fears and risks.

Radiating from your own central position within the project, you will pay close attention to other key stakeholders, identifying their degree of support and contribution to the success of the project. You will be able to highlight accelerators and brakes stemming from personalities, cultures or agendas and devise strategies to enhance the contribution of stakeholders to project progress.

What you and Peter will uncover and the progress you make will be of use to you both in your professional and personal life – not just now but also in years to come.

What to expect

Project leadership is often a role of high responsibility and autonomy leading to strong demands on the Manager or those leading without formal authority. Given this, Peter will ensure your well-being throughout the process: the pilot needs to be in good shape to fly the plane well!

Building on this and based on your evolving needs, you need to concentrate on a number of elements such as:

Dynamic cross-checking of your project according to international best practices –

  • Waterfall – knowledge areas and processes
  • Agile – roles, events and artefacts
  • Hybrid – a combination of the above

The human elements such as: 

  • Building and maintaining a high-performing team
  • Stakeholder analysis and influencing
  • The owl – heightening wisdom and perception
  • The chameleon – increasing agility and adaptation
  • Leadership style optimisation considering team needs
  • Effective cross-functional and cross-cultural communication
  • Assertiveness
  • Negotiation
  • Change management
  • Conflict management
  • Stress management
  • Crisis management
  • Leading and working remotely

    Overall, in a classic triple-constraint project situation (Scope / Time / Cost) Peter will aim to tap into the only resource which has no limits – your own and your team’s creativity!


Engineering · Leadership · Project Management · Emotional & Cultural Intelligence · Communication · Innovation

Coaching style

Supportive, meaning and purpose seeking, pragmatic, energising, holistic, agile, actionable, growth-driven

Key words

Leadership – Teamwork – Collective Technological Intelligence – Sustainable Development – Innovation – Project Management – Agile – Waterfall – Hybrid 

Qualifications and memberships

  • Certified Coach – Transformance Pro (France)
  • Project Management Professional (PMP) – Project Management Institute (USA)
  • Authorised Training Partner – PMP – Project Management Institute (USA)
  • Agile Certified Practitioner (PMI-ACP) – Project Management Institute (USA)
  • Leading SAFe – Scaled Agile (USA)
  • Certified Scrum Professional – Scrum Master (CSP-SM) – Scrum Alliance (USA)
  • Certified Scrum Product Owner (CSPO) – Scrum Alliance (USA)
  • Fellow of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers (UK)
  • Bachelor of Engineering (Mechanical) – University of Warwick (UK)

Delivery and pricing

Using an in-depth questionnaire, our coaches will take inventory of where you are now, next steps and will formulate a personalised plan focused on your requirements and desired outcomes.

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