Adapting industry to withstand rising temperatures and future heatwaves

In this report, the IMechE considers the challenges of adapting industry to future climate change-induced heat-related impacts.

It explores the effects on industry and its workforce of increases in ambient temperatures and more frequent, severe, prolonged heatwaves and how engineers should respond.

Importantly, it outlines the urgent need for engineering related standards and design codes to be based on expectations of future climate rather than past climates, adaptation solutions to be sustainable and result in net-zero greenhouse gas emissions, and strategies to be developed to make workplaces and work practices comfortable and safe.

The impacts of a warmer world on industry will be complex and broad, including technical, economic and health-related, and the implications of the findings of this report are applicable across the globe. Adapting industries to, and preparing them for, a warmer world will be essential for the future successful functioning of societies of all nations. It is vital that their integrity and productivity is maintained in a future environment characterised by an overall increase in ambient temperatures and intense heat events. To assist industry, governments, the engineering profession and academia to collaboratively prepare for this challenge, the report concludes with a number of key recommendations for action.

Image credit: Алексей Филатов

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Adapting industry to withstand rising temperatures and future heatwaves
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